Karnataka Women’s Commission Assures Expedited Justice in Hubbali Murder Case


GG News Bureau
Hubbali, 22nd April. The victim of the Hubbali incident, a 24-year-old girl who was fatally stabbed by an unidentified individual on a college campus in the district, will soon receive justice, said Karnataka Women Commission Chairman Naglakshmi Choudhary. She shed light on the progress in the case, stating that all evidence has been collected and justice will be served once the DNA investigation reports are available.

In an interview with ANI, Choudhary disclosed, “The police are diligently investigating the case, with all evidence meticulously gathered. The blood samples have been sent for DNA examination. Once the reports are received, justice will be expedited, ensuring closure for Neha within three months.”

Choudhary echoed the sentiments of governmental and law enforcement bodies, emphasizing the collective desire for stringent punishment for the accused.

“The accused is currently in judicial custody. Neha’s parents are enduring immense anguish, fervently seeking swift justice. They advocate for the harshest penalty, including capital punishment,” Choudhary affirmed.

She also cautioned against exploiting the victim’s name for personal gain or political agendas, condemning any attempts to defame or accuse the deceased.

“I implore everyone to refrain from tarnishing the memory of the departed victim. Exploiting Neha’s tragedy for personal or political motives is reprehensible. Accusing a woman, especially in such circumstances, is not justifiable and constitutes a punishable offense,” Choudhary added.

The murder of Neha Hiremath, a college student in Karnataka, allegedly by her former classmate Fayaz, has sparked controversy, with the BJP labeling it as a case of ‘love jihad’, a claim refuted by the Congress party.

Demanding capital punishment for the accused, protests have erupted across the state, highlighting the gravity of the incident.

Earlier statements from Congress Corporator Niranjan Hiremath, the victim’s father, revealed the tragic circumstances surrounding Neha’s demise, attributing it to her rejection of the accused’s romantic advances.

Neha Hiremath, the daughter of Congress Corporator Niranjan Hiremath, tragically lost her life to multiple stab wounds inflicted by Fayaz, her former classmate.

Amidst mounting pressure on the state government regarding law and order, especially in the lead-up to the Lok Sabha Polls, the Hubballi-Dharwad Police Commissioner Renuka Sukumar assured swift action, noting the prompt arrest of the accused shortly after the incident.

The untimely demise of Neha, a promising first-year MCA student, has stirred emotions and prompted calls for justice across Karnataka, underscoring the urgency for a thorough investigation and fair judicial proceedings.

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