Karnal is no cakewalk for Manohar Lal – Facing tough challenge.


Gustakhi Maaf Haryana-Pawan Kumar Bansal.

Karnal is no cakewalk for Manohar Lal – Facing tough challenge.
The election prediction for Manohar Lal Khattar in the Karnal parliamentary constituency is not straightforward. According to inside reports, the contest is expected to be intense and challenging but in the rural backyard their is huge wave against Khattar. For the past nine and half years Khattar who has been a significant figure for the BJP in Haryana, faces a direct contest with Divyanshu Budhiraja, the Haryana Youth Congress president.Earlier it was believed that he is a week candidate.
Khattar’s campaign navigates anti-incumbency, rural-urban dynamics, and the legacy of his previous terms as Chief Minister. The BJP has historically performed well in this constituency, with a strong winning margin in the 2019 polls. However, Khattar is also dealing with the undercurrent of anti-incumbency and the demands of local entrepreneurs, which adds complexity to the electoral battle.
While the BJP has been winning the Karnal seat since 2014, and Khattar himself has been an influential strategist for the party, the outcome of the upcoming election will depend on various factors, including voter sentiment, campaign effectiveness, and the political climate at the time of the election. Therefore, while there is no definitive prediction, the race is expected to be closely contested .

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