Jagrukta Camp Empowers Women on Menstrual Health in Balongi


GG News Bureau
Balongi, 21st Feb.
 In a proactive initiative aimed at women’s health and well-being, a Jagrukta Camp was conducted today in Balongi by the NGO Global Women Welfare Foundation, led by Reeta Garg, the Women’s Wing District President of BJP in Mohali. The camp focused on imparting crucial knowledge and awareness regarding menstrual hygiene to women.

Discussions during the camp covered various essential topics including personal hygiene practices, the significance of proper nutrition, the importance of regular health check-ups, and common health issues encountered during menstruation.

The event witnessed active participation from a significant number of women, who shared their concerns and experiences. Reeta Singh, the Mandal President of BJP’s Women’s Wing in Balongi, was also present, encouraging dialogue and engagement on pertinent issues affecting women’s health.

The NGO team, comprising Rachna, Amit, and other dedicated members, played a pivotal role in the event. They distributed sanitary pads free of cost to attendees, ensuring access to essential menstrual hygiene products. Additionally, they provided informative sessions to empower women with knowledge for maintaining their health and well-being.

The Jagrukta Camp stands as a testament to the concerted efforts towards women’s health and empowerment, highlighting the significance of community initiatives in addressing crucial health-related concerns.

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