Is West Bengal on the Brink of Becoming Another Kashmir?


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New Delhi, 18th April. M
amata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, recently declared in Kolkata that the NRC and CAA would be implemented in West Bengal no matter what. Moreover, UCC won’t be used.

What will happen if it is not implemented is the question. West Bengal is going to turn into another Kashmir in the near future. West Bengal has turned into “Kashmir,” according to Dr. Vijay Rana, a former BBC correspondent who now resides in London.

What has to be done right now? Certain astute individuals assert that West Bengal will need to be placed under the President’s authority right away following the Lok Sabha elections. This will require the division of this state into three sections after that.

A Union Territory will need to be established in one of the three, or “disturbed areas.” There’ll be a state of hills. West Bengal will continue to be the remaining part.

In a statement by Buddhadev Bhattacharya in Jansatta while he was the Chief Minister of the Left Front. He had said that it was now challenging for us to carry out regular administration since there were infiltrators in seven West Bengal districts. Later on, though, the Chief Minister was pressured by senior CPI(M) leaders to retract the comment.
Meanwhile, several areas’ conditions have gotten alarmingly worse under Mamata Banerjee’s reign. The imposition of President’s rule and its approval by a joint assembly of both Houses of Parliament are required.


The NDA now has to get 405 seats in the Lok Sabha in order to do that. It’s unclear if NDA will be able to meet that goal this time around. If this doesn’t happen, West Bengal might find itself in a very dangerous scenario.
But people in Bihar and a few other states are saying that when it comes to the nation, Narendra Modi is the only candidate that matters.

Every nation on the planet has its own population database. However, our nation’s citizens refer to this place as Dharamshala. Opposition parties want as many Rohingyas from outside and Bangladeshis as possible to come and stay here. There should be no register here.
People who attempt to cross the border illegally are shot by security personnel in numerous countries. However, a few of our security guards and employees of vote-mongering parties settle the infiltrators here and turn them into voters with the aid of bribery.

In every other non-Muslim nation on the planet, there are no legal distinctions between individuals who practice other religions. In Bharat alone is this true.

However, the Jihadi group PFI is using force to advance its objective of converting Bharat into an Islamic nation by 2047. Rahul Gandhi is supporting PFI Political Organization S.D.P.I. as it runs in Wayanad for the Lok Sabha. It is important to remember that 48% of Wayanad’s voters are Muslims.

Opposition leaders don’t seem to care about their fellow citizens. They are constantly looking for opportunities that can benefit them. They constantly try to disparage the nation. Their goal is personal development rather than the average man. Earlier, the Congress made every effort to keep India impoverished and underdeveloped. Mamta Banerjee has done the same thing.

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