Is Country Heading Towards Another Complete Lockdown?

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 3rd May. The Supreme Court has asked the central government to impose a lockdown for the prevention of corona and to reconsider the vaccine policy. The Supreme Court has asked the central government to reconsider the vaccine policy. The court says that the center itself now buys 50% vaccine and the remaining 50 per cent is given by the manufacturing company to state governments and private institutions directly. This needs to be reconsidered.

The hearing was held in the Supreme Court under the chairmanship of Justice DY Chandrachud. The justice said that it is the right of the people to live as mentioned in the constitution and the right to health is for everyone. But now the situation is completely different.

The Supreme Court has asked the central and state governments to consider imposing a lockdown to prevent corona. The court said that people of weaker sections should also be taken care of about all of their needs.

The court further said that everyone should get treatment. The hospital cannot refuse to admit or provide medicines to the patient in the name of a local ID identity card. On the other hand, national policy has also been asked to consider. All states have to accept this policy.

The Supreme Court has asked the Central Government to reconsider the vaccine policy and negotiate prices from vaccine manufacturers. Also how to allot the vaccine and distribute it should be decided by the Central Government. The court said that all the vaccines should be purchased by themselves and after that they should give the vaccine to the state governments. The court had said that private manufacturers will not decide whom to provide vaccines and in what amount. They should not be given this freedom.

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