Interview: Siddaramaiah Addresses Congress’s Stance Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections


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New Delhi, 6th May. In an exclusive interview with the news agency IANS, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah addressed key issues surrounding the Congress party’s approach ahead of the third phase of Lok Sabha elections. 

Here are the excerpts from the conversation:

Q: Is Congress politicising the Prajwal Revanna case ahead of the third phase of polls?

Siddaramaiah: Our commitment to justice for the victims should not be misconstrued as politicising the issue. We are amplifying the voices of women who suffered at the hands of Prajwal Revanna. How can our efforts to expose complicity be considered politicising the matter?

BJP has slammed Congress for indulging in appeasement politics. Your take on this?

Mr. Siddaramaiah: We do not engage in appeasement politics. Our approach is centred around inclusive development. The BJP aims to divide people along caste and religious lines to garner votes.

Q: Questions have been raised over the Neha Hiremath murder case. Your response?

Siddaramaiah: We have not compromised in handling the Neha Hiremath murder case. Justice will be served.

Q: BJP has been asking for the reason for not projecting Rahul Gandhi as the PM candidate.

Siddaramaiah: Congress is committed to collective leadership. Our Prime Ministerial candidate will be decided at the appropriate time.

Q: Congress is facing allegations regarding inheritance tax, Muslim reservation, and redistribution of wealth. Your comments?

Siddaramaiah: BJP’s claims are baseless. Our policies aim for inclusivity and fairness.

Q: Home Minister Amit Shah alleges internal conflict between you and Deputy Chief Minister Shivakumar. Is it true?

Siddaramaiah: We stand united in our efforts. Such claims are amusing.

Q: Will the Mahalaxmi Scheme work in favour of Congress in Karnataka?

Siddaramaiah: Absolutely. It will provide much-needed relief to the people.

Q: You claim Congress will win 20 seats in Karnataka this time.

Siddaramaiah: Based on extensive surveys, we are confident in our expectations.

Q: Why should people vote for Congress?

Siddaramaiah: We are committed to inclusive development and transparent governance.

As Karnataka gears up for elections, Siddaramaiah’s responses shed light on Congress’s stance and vision for the future.

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