International Yoga day is a collective awakening of the world’s consciousness to sustainability and health of the planet : RS MP Sh. Rajeev Chandrasekar

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Chennai, 23rd June. Field Outreach Bureau, Coimbatore in coordination with Press Information Bureau, Ministry of I & B, Government of India, Chennai organized a Webinar on “International Yoga Day-Yoga as a Preventive Strategy for Covid-19”” on 21st June.
Delivering the presidential address, M Annadurai, IIS, Addl. Director General said that Yoga is gaining acceptance world over for its health benefits and it augurs well that younger generation are taking interest in practicing yoga. This Year’s theme ‘Yoga for wellness’ is very appropriate at a time the world is fighting a deadly pandemic.
Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Member of Parliament (Rajyasabha), in his special address, said that yoga is India’s gift to the world in unison with the ethos of our culture of revering the world as one community – Vasudeva Kutumbakam.
Covid like pandemics have reiterated that Wellness and health are emerging as predominant factors across the world. Lauding the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the world stage seven years ago, Rajeev Chandrashekhar pointed out that world’s acceptance of celebrating International yoga day comes from the realisation that yoga is more preventive and inwardly healing.
He further said sustainability in health and wellbeing is as important as sustainability of the planet. And International Yoga day is a collective awakening of the world’s consciousness to this sustainability and wellbeing of the planet, he insisted.
While delivering the address, Kumar Rakesh, Editorial Chairman, Global Governance News Group Of news portals/Digital TVs/Magazines, New Delhi thanked Our Honourable Prime Minister for making Yoga popular across the world. As years pass by, the list of countries subscribing to yoga is on the rise, he added. Being a practitioner himself, he added.
Lt. Dr. KP Sridhar, Director-Research, Karpagam Academy of higher Education, Coimbatore said in his address said, “Yoga is being widely considered as a progressive in any civilization as the health benefits are immense”. Practising yoga helps to de-stress oneself in changing times and Yoga has proved to be a boost for mental health as well as for physical health, he added.
Dr A. Dharmaraj, Director-Extension Programme, Karpagam Academy of higher Education, Coimbatore said in his address that on the occasion of International Yoga Day, the institute has been organising online competitions and yoga demonstrations.
Yogacharya, Dr. Govindaradjalou Kumaran, Founder / Director, Kumsyoga International, Puducherry said that Yoga is greatly beneficial to one’s holistic health and it is important that people take it seriously. As the one teaching yoga for over 25 years, he had personally witnessed the all-round benefits of yoga from the public especially from his students. He further performed some of the important asanas and said that yoga awakens one inner consciousness in addition to the health benefits.
Four Guinness records holder, Yoga Vaishnavi from Tiruppur performed some difficult yoga postures and enthralled the audience. Earlier .J Kamaraj , Director, Regional outreach bureau , welcomed the dignitaries.
Kareena B Thengamam, Deputy Director, Field Outreach Bureau, Coimbatore concluded the webinar by rendering the vote of thanks & expressing the gratitude towards the guests and audience for their participation in the webinar.

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