Indian Troops Triumph Over Chinese Counterparts in Tug of War Contest During UN Peacekeeping Mission

GG News Bureau
Khartoum, 29th May. 
Indian troops deployed in Sudan as part of a UN Peacekeeping mission showcased their prowess and unity by emerging victorious in a spirited Tug of War contest against their Chinese counterparts, confirmed Army officials.

The event, captured in a viral video, highlights the exceptional camaraderie and competitive spirit shared among the troops. Demonstrating remarkable physical strength and teamwork, the Indian soldiers secured a notable win over the Chinese contingent in a friendly yet spirited competition.

The viral video, authenticated by Indian Army officials, has garnered widespread attention, showcasing the dedication and resilience of the troops serving under the United Nations Mission in the Sudan (UNMIS).

Established by the UN Security Council in response to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in Sudan in 2005, UNMIS is tasked with supporting peace implementation efforts, providing humanitarian assistance, protecting human rights, and supporting the African Union Mission in Sudan.

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