Indian Legislative Assembly Elections 2023: BJP’s historic Success in Three States Celebrated in Thailand

Kapil Rai
GG News Bureau
Bangkok, 6th Dec. Overseas Friends BJP Thailand, under the chairmanship of President Shri Karan Singh, celebrated the formation of BJP government with full majority in three states of India and the upcoming Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024 with the exchange of views of all the respected members of the party. The outline and action plan of BJP Thailand was duly discussed in the elections.The following people were present in this program, including Karan Singh, Jimmy Mishra, Kapil Rai, Alka, Neeraj Jain, Umesh Mishra, Akhil Kala, Sunil Kothari, Sudhanshu Singhal, Dinesh Pandey, Jaishankar, Kishore Gupta, Ashish, from different states of India. Hundreds of respected officers and workers including KC Gupta, Vipul Sharma, Sandeep Puri, Rajesh Jha, Uday Verma, Sanjay Kumar, Anil Sharma were present in this huge program.

For the 2024 Lok Sabha election campaign, majority of BJP supporters expressed their desire to go from Thailand to India and donate their time in the elections along with full participation.

The coordinator of this program was Karan Singh.

Kapil Rai, present in this grand program, said that there are more than 10 lakh Indians living in Thailand. All these Indians have been working in various businesses of Thailand along with IT and other sectors for the last many years. These NRIs are living in various states of India. Residents from many states including West Bengal, Gujarat, Bihar, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra live here. Most of the people have also taken Thai citizenship.

Shri Rai told that we all are proud of our global leader and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi ji. All of us workers will also play an active role in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024 and the BJP government will continue to work for the overall welfare of India for the third consecutive time.

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