IIT Madras Professor Suspended After Suicide of PhD Student


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Chennai, 28th Nov.
 IIT Madras has taken the decision to suspend a professor after conducting an investigation into the suicide of a research scholar on March 31st of this year. Professor Ashish Sen has been suspended as per the instructions of the board of governors.

The institute is following all necessary procedures, according to a statement from IIT Madras.
Professor Sen could not be reached for comment.

The student who died by suicide was a 32-year-old doctoral student from West Bengal named Sachin.

This incident is the third suicide at the institute this year.

Sachin was found dead in his hostel room outside the campus on March 31st.

Prior to his death, he had posted a WhatsApp status saying, “Sorry, I am not good enough.”

Sachin’s family filed a complaint alleging mistreatment by Professor Sen from the mechanical engineering department, both towards Sachin and others.

In response, IIT Madras appointed retired IPS Officer G Thilagavathi to lead the inquiry committee. The student body has expressed support for the action taken against Professor Sen.

The Voice of Students of IIT-M posted a message thanking the administration for their strong and courageous response. They see this as a victory for the students who protested following Sachin’s suicide.


IIT Madras has witnessed a total of four suicides in three months until April of this year, making a total of six suicides in two years. To address the issue of student stress, the institute has implemented a student wellness program.

This program includes confidential one-on-one sessions with external counselors and a faculty program called Kushal, which aims to foster a positive mindset among students.

Professor V Kamakoti, Director of IIT-M, recently stated that personal issues seem to be the main trigger for suicides in most cases.

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