IIT Guwahati Introduces Drone Technology Training for Officers in Armed Forces


GG News Bureau
Guwahati, 1st Dec.
 IIT Guwahati has launched a training program on drone technology for officers in the armed forces. The program, which lasts for three months, aims to modernize the operations of the armed forces.

It also provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers in the drone industry or as technology entrepreneurs after retirement.

This program, the first of its kind in India, offers comprehensive training on drone technologies, pilot training, software operations, and applications.

The current batch of the program consists of 30 personnel from various armed forces. IIT Guwahati is offering a certificate program on drone technology to equip senior officers in the armed forces with this technology and enhance their career opportunities after retirement.

The training program is being conducted by experienced faculty from different departments and centers, providing participants with opportunities to pursue entrepreneurship or other technology-based careers.

The program is implemented by the Centre for Educational Technology, Centre for Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems (CICPS), Centre for Drone Technology, and IITG Technology Innovation and Development Foundation (IITG TIDF).

The theory courses are taught by expert faculty from CICPS, while practical training and hands-on experience are provided by technical members from IITG TIDF.

The program combines theoretical and practical aspects of drone technology and operations, including classroom sessions and practical handling.

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