IGNCA And Prasar Bharati Collaborate To Honor India’s Diverse Cultural Heritage

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 27th May.Prepare to be entertained by the lively cultural programming that the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts (IGNCA) airs on Doordarshan channel DD Bharati every Sunday. This innovative presentation is a significant endeavor. Where a government institution presents the job to the public in a professional manner—an effort that has most likely never been done before. With this weekly cultural event, Dr. Sachchidanand Joshi, Member Secretary, IGNCA, hopes to highlight a variety of facets of India’s rich cultural heritage. “This weekly cultural program is being started on Doordarshan to keep India’s unique cultural richness and diversity alive and reach out to the masses,” he said.

We have worked along with Prasar Bharati, and fulfilling the audience’s expectations while delivering a weekly TV show presents its own set of difficulties. Our goal is to succeed. This effort is being done by IGNCA’s media center. Its weekly goal is to showcase to the world the colorful threads of Indian art, customs, and storytelling.
IGNCA has been a major player in the nation’s art scene for the past 35 years. The IGNCA was instrumental in the installation of art galleries in the nation’s new Parliament building.

The organization also recently made a major contribution to the G-20 Summit on the development of the Nataraja statue, the assessment of Sengol’s historic significance, and the gathering of information for its placement in the new Parliament building. IGNCA operates as a stand-alone organization within the Ministry of Culture. In order to close the conceptual divide between contemporary science and art and culture, the institution not only carries out conventional academic work in the humanities, arts, and culture but also encourages conversation between the arts and technology. One of the best libraries in the nation, the IGNCA library has more than three lakh volumes. Distinguished poets and painters’ personal collections are among them as well.

The organization has recorded all of its significant works in audio-visual format during the past 35 years. About 20,000 hours of recordings, including lectures and concerts by well-known artists, are kept in the institute’s media center.

India has a distinctively rich and diverse culture, which must be preserved at all costs.
In light of this, every Sunday at 1 PM, IGNCA will broadcast the weekly feature “Sanskriti Samvad” on Doordarshan’s DD Bharati channel. On Sundays, at 10.30 PM, it will be rebroadcast.

Joining us each week will allow you to become familiar with the vibrant traditions, art, and storytelling of India. Join us at this event as we celebrate and value our heritage and take part in India’s incredible cultural journey!
The show will be re-televised on DD Bharti on Sunday at 10.30 pm, starting at 1:00 pm.


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