IDF says 61 soldiers killed in Gaza

Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau

WASHINGTON DC, 20th Nov. Israel Defense Forces on Sunday said that three more IDF soldiers were killed by Hamas in Gaza taken the total number of soldiers killed to 61.

The IDF identified the three killed soldiers as Sgt. Maj (Res) Rani Tahan, operations Sergeant of the 261st Reserve Brigade’s 8717th battalion, Master Segt (res) of the 261st Reserve Brigade’s 8717th battalion, and Maj (res) Chen Yahalom who was with the Artillery Corps 8159th battalion.

The IDF said that it has made substantial progress in the war with the army entering the strong holds of Hamas and have captured the Northern Gaza strip.

It warned the civilians in Khan Younis area of Southern Gaza to leave towards the Rafah border as the Israel Security Agency has claimed the presence of Hamas in the Khan Younis area of South Gaza.

IDF said that the reduction in the number of missiles fired towards Israel from Gaza is an indication of the waning strength of Hamas.

Israel commenced ground invasion in Gaza on October 27 after Hamas carried out attack in Southern Israel on October 7.

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