Holy Relics of Lord Buddha and Disciples Draw Thousands in Bangkok, Thailand


GG News Bureau
Bangkok, 26th Feb. 
The people of Thailand are flocking to Bangkok to witness the Sacred Relics of Lord Buddha and his two disciples, Arahata Sariputra and Arahata Maudgalyayana, brought from India by a 22-member delegation led by Governor of Bihar Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar and Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Dr. Virendra Kumar.

On Makha Bucha, observed on 24th February, nearly 100,000 devotees paid their respects to the Holy Relics at the Pagoda in Sanam Luang Pavilion, where they are enshrined.

The four Holy Piparahwa Relics reached Bangkok on 22nd February for a 26-day exposition, with public veneration beginning on 23rd February at the specially constructed Pagoda at Sanam Luang Pavilion.

The exposition itinerary includes visits to multiple venues across Thailand, allowing devotees and enthusiasts to pay homage to these revered artifacts:
1. Sanam Luang Pavilion, Bangkok: 22nd February 2024 – 3rd March 2024 (11 Days)
2. Ho Kum Luang, Royal Rujapruek, Chiang Mai: 4th March 2024 – 8th March 2024 (5 Days)
3. Wat Maha Wanaram, Ubon Ratchathani: 9th March 2024 – 13th March 2024 (5 Days)
4. Wat MahaThat, Aoluek, Krabi: 14th March 2024 – 18th March 2024 (5 Days)

The historic exposition will conclude on 19th March 2024, as the Holy Relics are escorted back to their respective homes, marking the end of a spiritually enriching journey in Thailand.

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