Hindus and Muslims Population will become Equal by 2028, Digvijay Singh Explains the Mathematics

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 23rd Sep. Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Digvijay Singh has said that by 2028, the population of Hindus and Muslims in the country will be equal. He also said that then the population of the country will also be stabilized.

In a video, he can be heard saying how the population of both the communities will be equal by 2028. He said, “A study shows that since 1951, decline in fertility rate in Muslims has been more than that in Hindus. Today, the fertility rate in Muslims is 2.7% & 2.3% in Hindus. By this rate, it will be equal in Hindus & Muslims by 2028.”

Singh, the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, said these things in a public meeting on Wednesday (September 22).

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