Himanta Biswa Sarma Takes Swipe at Congress Leaders on Party-Hopping Trend


GG News Bureau
Guwahati, 3rd April.
 Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has taken a veiled swipe at Congress leaders, suggesting that those who vocally oppose the BJP often end up joining the ruling party, casting doubt on their credibility.

Addressing reporters on Tuesday, Sarma remarked, “Don’t believe what Congress leaders say because those who talk more against the BJP on television end up joining the BJP.” He further suggested scrutinizing the communication records of Congress leaders to ascertain their interactions with the BJP.

Sarma’s remarks come amidst a backdrop of political maneuvering and defections, reflecting the volatile nature of Indian politics.

Highlighting the BJP’s electoral performance in Assam, Sarma indicated that the Congress has inadvertently facilitated an easy contest for his party by fielding candidates according to their preferences. The BJP secured nine out of 14 seats in Assam during the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

During an election rally in Karbi Anglong later in the day, Sarma emphasized the central focus of the upcoming elections as “the re-election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

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