HDFC Bank to Cease SMS Alerts for UPI Transactions Below ₹100 from June 25

GG News Bureau
Mumbai, 29th May.
 Starting June 25, HDFC Bank will discontinue sending SMS alerts for UPI transactions up to ₹100. SMS notifications will now only be sent for transactions above ₹100 (for money sent or paid) and above ₹500 (for money received).

In a recent email to its customers, HDFC Bank stated that email alerts for all UPI transactions will continue. Customers are encouraged to ensure their email addresses are up-to-date to receive all notifications. However, the bank did not disclose the reason for ceasing SMS alerts for transactions below ₹100.

Digital payments in India are reaching new heights as citizens increasingly adopt emerging online transaction methods. The UPI payment system has become extremely popular for retail digital payments in India, with its adoption growing rapidly.

UPI, India’s mobile-based fast payment system, allows customers to make instant, round-the-clock payments using a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) created by the customer. The system’s popularity has soared, becoming a significant part of India’s digital payment landscape. In 2023, UPI accounted for nearly 80% of digital payments in the country. Globally, India contributes to almost 46% of the world’s digital transactions, as per 2022 data.

The Indian government emphasizes extending UPI benefits beyond national borders, fostering fintech and payment solution partnerships with countries like Sri Lanka, Mauritius, France, UAE, and Singapore.

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