Haryana Govt protecting IAS officer accused of transferring Shamlat land worth Crores to close relatives.


Gustakhi Maaf Haryana- Pawan Kumar Bansal.
Massive racket of transferring Shamlat Land worth Crores to close relatives of an IAS , Officer in Nuh district- Haryana Government not giving sanction of prosecution to anti corruption beauro under section 17 ( A) 1988 for launching prosecution against the IAS officer.
Our investigations have revealed starling disclosures and it has all the ingredients of a potbelly Mumbai thriller having lust of money,clout of Land mafia and twisting of rules to usurp Shamlat land of Panchayat.
To add salt to injury Haryana Government which claim zero tolerance on corruption is not according sanction to anti corruption bureau for prosecution under section 17 ( a) of Prevention of Corruption Act hence the hands of anti corruption beauro are tied despite having evidence to substantiate its charges against the IAS. officer.
When contacted Chandermohan SP. Anti corruption bureau Gurugram refused to share details of the case but he admitted that they are waiting for sanction .Highly placed sources told that file is pending in the office of the Chief Secretary who gives sanctions. Hitherto a powerful politician was Shielding the IAS ,officer and now the ball is in court of Chief Secretary .According to sources that DG Anti Corruption Buearo vide letter 20106 ACB ( H) 18 December 2023 has written to Chief Secretary Haryana for according Sanction but till date no permission has been granted.Highly placed sources told that now the land mafia is threatening the complainant of dire consequences.The IAS officer was DC Nuh.


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