Gustakhi Maaf Haryana- Pawan Kumar Bansal

Haryana Chief Secretary has to take decision in two days- Issue of registration of case against then Nuh DC , Ashok Sharma


Gustakhi Maaf Haryana- Pawan Kumar Bansal

In two days Chief Secretary Haryana has to take decision- Issue of granting sanction for registration of case against then Nuh DC Ashok Sharma.

DG ,Anti Corruption Bureau Haryana has sought permission of Haryana Government for registration of case against Ashok Sharma for transferring Shamlat land of village Bisar in Nuh district to his close associates.

Haryana Government has to file reply in Punjab and Haryana High Court in a writ petition filed by Tasbir seeking directions to Haryana Govt for granting permission. Ashok Sharma has denied the allegations.

His reply to our query is “The complainant’s real niece is married to my real nephew and due to family issues he nurtures grudge against my family members especially my daughter in law who is an entrepreneur. He has been harassing and blackmailing her by falsely involving her in baseless issues.

I decided so many cases as DC and appeals in the cases in question were filed and the Commissioner cum Appellate Authority found these orders perfectly as per law so my orders no longer remain being merged in the orders of senior authority. If the government is still aggrieved it can take recourse to the remedies available in Act to get these orders quashed.

I have not transferred any land to any person known to me. On the one side he says that he owes money to my family where as he had already given affidavit that he owes nothing against my family. It is also wrong that I am working as CVO, HWC. I had been selected as CVO from which I had resigned in January itself.

All his complaints have already been enquired at various levels and filed being baseless and devoid of facts. These all are tactics of the complainant just to blackmail and name shame me due to sour family relations. I will be happy to share all documents in support of my version. Thanks and Regards.

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