Gustakhi Maaf Haryana: BJP Hates JawaharLal Nehru but Raj Nehru Is Its Blue-Eyed Boy – Will Bandaru Dattatreya Order a Probe?

Gustakhi Maaf Haryana: BJP Hates JawaharLal Nehru but Raj Nehru Is Its Blue-Eyed Boy – Will Bandaru Dattatreya Order a Probe?
By Pawan Kumar Bansal

After Gurugram University now Vishavkarma Skill University Gurugram appoints Professor using eminent in subject. The story has all the ingredients of a potbelly Mumbai film as how rules are twisted to oblige favorites.

According to information received from various sources the issue is the recruitment of Prof. Randhir Singh Rathore (R S Rathore) of this university as Skill Professor (Planning, policy-making, research). This case is similar to the case of Gurugram University recruitment of a Professor in category B in violation of UGC norms in 2021 recently highlighted by us.

Vice Chancellor of Skill University and then Vice Chancellor of Gurugram University both were members of the committee in these cases.

Vishwakarma Skill University was established in 2016 by the Haryana state government. It is important to mention here that Mr. Raj Nehru is the Vice Chancellor of this university from Jan 2017 to till date. Mr Raj Nehru has enjoyed the office of Vice Chancellor for more than seven years. Mr Raj Nehru himself does not fulfil the eligibility conditions of UGC for the post of Vice-Chancellor.

UGC regulations are binding on state universities as per decision of Hon’ble Supreme Court (CIVIL APPEAL NO. 8184 OF 2022). Dr R S Rahtore was selected in this university against advertisement no HVSU/18/Estt/001 (attached with this mail as annexure 1) as Skill Professor (Planning, Policymaking, and Research).

The selection of Prof. Randhir Singh Rathore was made by criterion B mentioned in the advertisement which is as “An outstanding professional, with an exceptional accomplishment, established a reputation in the relevant field, who has made significant contributions to the knowledge in the concerned/allied /relevant discipline, to be substantiated by credentials”. Please refer to the UGC guidelines 2010 (attached as Annexure 2) clause 4.1.0, 4.3.0, for eligibility of Professor and Associate Professor. These guidelines of UGC are general guidelines for eligibility for the post of Professor and Associate Professor and are not discipline-specific.

Further please refer to clauses,,, and 4.4.5 for the discipline-specific guidelines of music/dance, drama, visual arts, and management for the post of professor. It is clear from these clauses that in Category B, 12 years of minimum professional experience is required in the relevant field and Category B applies to professionals who do not possess a Ph.D. degree and are working in Industry (not from academic institutions). Referring to the advertisement of this university (annexure 1), 12 years of experience in the field of planning, policymaking, and research is not mentioned in category B.

Dr RS Rathore did not have API score as per UGC norms in category A, so he was appointed in category B but that too by violating UGC norms. This was done with the malafide intention of Mr Raj Nehru, VC of this university to recruit Dr. RS Rathore.

Referring to Annexure 3, Dr RS Rathore did MSc Physics and Ph.D. in Solar still. Dr R S Rathore worked in Govt. Engineering Ajmer from 1998 to 2009 as Lecturer/Assistant Professor. Dr Rathore served in AICTE on deputation from 2009 to 2018. Dr Rathore had taught the subjects of Physics to first-year engineering students during his service in Govt. Engg college Ajmer. Dr Rathore’s role in AICTE was to ensure the compliance of AICTE rules for the grant of approval of Engineering Colleges for the engineering/management courses.

Dr Rathore has never framed policies at the National/International level. He did not design the policies of AICTE in the lead role Neither Dr Rathore had done any research in planning and policy-making. He has done his Ph.D in the field of solar still and has published only two research papers during his Ph.D. work (annexure 4) and did not guide any Ph.D. or M Phil student at the time of his selection.

Sir, it is clear that Dr Rathore does not fulfil the criterion of outstanding professional with an exceptional accomplishment established reputation in the field of planning, policymaking, and research, and neither does he have 12 years of experience in planning, policymaking, research thus he does not fit into category B for the post of Skill Professor (Planning, policymaking, research).

Academicians have never been considered in category B of UGC norms for Professors in universities. The selection of Dr RS Rathore has been made by violating the UGC norms. Mr Raj Nehru has taken a personal interest in this matter. It is clear now that the selection of Dr RS Rathore is not in compliance with UGC regulations and Dr RS Rathore is drawing a salary of a Professor from this university from 2018.

The appointment of Dr RS Rathore as professor needs to be investigated by an independent agency and not by university authorities as Mr. Raj Nehru, VC, himself is the mastermind of this recruitment. Why Mr. Raj Nehru took so much personal interest in the recruitment of Dr R S Rathore by violating UGC norms, it is explained further.

Mr. Raj Nehru promoted Randhir Singh as Dean (Academics) upon joining this university in 2018. Then Mr. Raj Nehru, using his political relations, promoted Randhir Singh Rathore as Registrar of this university. There was a hidden agenda of Mr Raj Nehru against the appointment of Dr RS Rathore as Professor.

As per UGC regulations, a professor in the university is appointed to teach courses and to do research.No program of UG and PG in this university is running in planning, policymaking, and research since its foundation. Therefore, the appointment of Dr R S Rathore as Professor is not justified so the salary given to Dr RS Rathore since 2018 is not justified. It is a clear misuse of public money.
It is a matter of great concern and needs probe.

Prior to his appointment as VC Raj Nehru was involved in activities of Global foundation owned by one Arun ji of RSS. Efforts to know the version of Raj Nehru bore no fruit as he didn’t responded to the text message

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