Google develops a new language model LaMDA a breakthrough conversation technology.

Ajay Ramola

GG News Bureau
New Delhi,28th May. Google has developed a new language model LaMDA, a breakthrough in conversation technology. Sunder Pichai the CEO in the video released during the keynote address at annual developers announced LaMDA, a sophisticated language model that is far better at understanding the context of conversations than leading models today.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that LaMDA, a dialogue application, is open domain and designed to converse on any topic. Importantly, the model doesn’t have to be retrained to have another conversation.
He said that this model is still in its initial research phase, but we have been using it to explore the unique interactions. “ If you wanted to learn about Pluto LaMDA already understands quite a lot about Pluto and millions of other topics.” Said Sunder Pichai.
However, he has admitted that the model is yet to be perfected and is still in early research as sometimes it can give nonsensical responses. Google has also come out with a detailed multitask unified model (MUM), a multimodal model trained on over 75 languages at once can multitask to unlock information in new ways.

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