Global Perspectives: How Foreign Media Covered Modi 3.0 Oath Ceremony


GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 10th June. 
The swearing-in ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his historic third term has garnered significant attention from international media outlets, each offering unique insights into the evolving political landscape in India.

The New York Times: Describing a transformation in the political atmosphere of New Delhi, The New York Times highlighted PM Modi’s strategic collaboration with a diverse array of coalition partners, underscoring their newfound relevance and prominence in the government formation process.

BBC: Maintaining an objective stance, BBC focused on the outcome of the election and the lower-than-expected victory margin for the ruling alliance. It noted the resurgence of India’s opposition amidst the backdrop of Modi 3.0.

Al Jazeera: Al Jazeera emphasized the challenge posed by the BJP’s lack of a parliamentary majority, highlighting potential hurdles in ensuring policy consistency within a coalition government. It drew attention to veteran leaders like Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu, who wield significant influence and may shape the course of governance.

Bloomberg: Bloomberg captured the splendor of the oath-taking ceremony, highlighting the prestigious guest list comprising foreign dignitaries, business magnates, and Bollywood celebrities. It underscored the significance of PM Modi’s transition to power-sharing, marking a departure from his previous solo leadership.

AFP: France’s AFP provided a comprehensive overview of the event, from the elaborate decorations to the pivotal role played by coalition partners in government formation. While details of the new cabinet are awaited, AFP noted the substantial concessions demanded by larger coalition parties in exchange for their support.

As India ushers in a new era of governance under Modi 3.0, international media scrutiny reflects the global interest in the country’s political trajectory and its implications on the world stage.

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