“Gandhari Eager to See Her Duryodhan on Throne” – Sudhanshu Trivedi

Launch of 'Modi Versus Khan Market Gang' Book

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 19th May.
 A book launch event for senior journalist Ashok Srivastava’s latest book, ‘Modi Versus Khan Market Gang,’ took place on Saturday evening (May 11, 2024) at the Nalanda Auditorium of Ambedkar International Center in New Delhi. Renowned journalist and Chairman of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Ram Bahadur Rai, presided over the event. Rajya Sabha member Sudhanshu Trivedi was the keynote speaker, and the prominent leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam was the chief guest.

Explaining the purpose of the book, Ashok Srivastava stated that he is outraged by a certain intellectual class that, despite living in complete freedom, dismisses every good work in the country and claims that a dictatorship is prevailing. He mentioned that in his book, he has documented all such incidents and the people involved, aiming to prove that there is an active gang in the country spreading false narratives.

Ram Bahadur Rai expressed regret that the book couldn’t be published six months earlier but noted that its launch coincides with the release on bail of the leader of the Khan Market gang, referring to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He highlighted that the book reveals the flag bearers of this gang, which creates an anti-national environment. Praising Ashok Srivastava as a patriotic and honest journalist, Rai noted his deep indignation towards such topics.

Former Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam said that the book’s title alone demonstrates the author’s courage. He candidly admitted that he was once part of the Khan Market gang but always advocated against opposing national interests for political gain. Krishnam criticized Congress leadership for boycotting the Ram Temple inauguration, the Parliament building inauguration, and opposing the abrogation of Article 370. He stated that hating BJP has led Congress to hate India itself. Krishnam asserted that those claiming dictatorship should recognize their freedom to criticize Modi freely. He blamed Rahul Gandhi for Congress’s decline and expressed doubt about the party’s revival under his leadership.

Prominent social worker and Chairman of Rama Paper Mills Limited, Bijnor, Pramod Agarwal, commended Ashok Srivastava’s nationalist outlook, emphasizing that the nation always comes first in his journalism. During the event, Srivastava introduced Agarwal, mentioning his father’s longstanding association with the RSS and significant contribution to the Ram Temple construction, which was met with applause.

BJP’s articulate spokesperson and Rajya Sabha member Sudhanshu Trivedi launched a veiled attack on the Gandhi family, comparing it to Gandhari’s desperation to see her Duryodhan on the throne. Trivedi accused the Khan Market gang of fabricating and spreading false narratives to suit their convenience for over 25 years, targeting first Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government and later Narendra Modi since his rise in 2001. He emphasized the need for the virtuous to actively participate in democracy to eradicate the Khan Market gang.

In an interview with our correspondent, author Ashok Srivastava mentioned that the book is available on Amazon.

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