Forest department team rescues yellow Monitor Lizard from Rispana, Dehradun

Ajay Ramola
GG News Bureau
Dehradun, 6th June. The forest department team succeeded in rescuing one Monitor lizard (Varanus flavescens) that had ventured into the inhabited area near the Rispnana river in Dehradun on Sunday. According to Ravi Joshi the head of the forest department rescue team on receiving, the inputs on phone about a yellow monitor lizard roaming in the Rispana area they rushed to the spot and caught him after an immense effort. The Monitor lizard was later released into the forest.

The monitor lizards, a Scheduled I (Part-II) species and are the target of the poachers. its skin is used to make musical instruments in some places of Odisha, body parts are used for the preparation of an aphrodisiac oil. PThe illegal trade of these lizards is prevalent in the Philippines thus threatening their existence. The yellow monitor has subcorneal teeth, scarcely compressed. Its snout is short and convex, measuring a little less than the distance from the anterior border of the orbit to the anterior border of the ear; canthus rostralis distinct.

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