Flomic expands in India, as export rise to $2 trillion by 2030

Anjali Sharma
GG News Bureau
NEW YORK , 28th May. Logistics major Flomic on Monday said that it is planning a huge expansion as India targets an export increase to USD 2 trillion by 2030.

Flomic aims to capitalise on this ambitious national goal with strategic initiatives in warehousing, technology, and workforce development.

Lancy Barboza, Managing Director of Flomic said We are excited about our future and committed to growing in the logistics and forwarding industry.”

The company in  après release issued stated that a key component of Flomic’s strategy is enhancing its warehousing capabilities.

The company is not only adding more space but also transforming its storage and shipping processes through advanced mechanization, a release said.

The company is investing in Artificial Intelligence and other digital tools to optimise logistics management.

It has plans to invest in comprehensive training programs to enhance operational skills and deepen knowledge of digital tools and analytics. This initiative aims to equip the team to meet client needs with confidence and expertise.

The release added that by expanding infrastructure, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and enhancing team skills, Flomic is prepared not just to meet but to exceed client expectations in the evolving export market.

“By taking these steps, we are ready to be a key player in India’s export growth, driving success and adding value across our operations,” added Barboza.

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