EXIT POLLs: Truth Unstoppable, Modi’s Return Certain!

Why Are Opposition Parties Anxious if They're Expected to Win 295+ Seats?

kumar Rakesh


The exit poll results have sparked panic among India’s opposition parties. They are now in a do-or-die situation, claiming that all TV channels’ forecasts are orchestrated by PM Modi, and the election results will be contrary. However, considering the exit poll results by Aaj Tak and other channels, the election outcomes in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim have been accurate. The silence of opposition leaders on this matter is notable. Is it true that the truth fears nothing?

Averaging the exit poll results, the Lok Sabha election results favor PM Modi’s party, BJP, and the NDA alliance. The opposition INDI alliance appears significantly behind. The NDA is estimated to win about 360+ seats, while the INDI alliance is projected to get a maximum of 160 seats. Despite the INDI alliance claiming they will win 295+ seats, their anxiety raises questions. Why are all opposition parties united in threatening democracy? This is a matter of national concern. Their anxiety might suggest a premonition of defeat.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi mocked the exit polls as “Modi Media Polls” but stayed silent about Congress’s expected seats. When questioned about the 295+ claim, he immaturely responded that he got the figure from Sidhu Moose Wala’s song “295” and then walked away, treating the media as his subordinates.

Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav stated they have prepared their workers for a do-or-die situation. Criminal-turned-politician Pappu Yadav threatened a Mahabharata-like struggle if democracy dies, claiming their workers are ready to fight. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh tried to implicate the Election Commission but got tangled in his accusations, as the Commission demanded evidence. He requested seven days to gather proof for his claims that the Home Minister contacted over 150 District Magistrates. Accused in the land-for-jobs scam, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav also made ominous statements, implying readiness for any situation. TMC leader Mamata Banerjee, protector of many accused leaders, is reportedly in a precarious political position as her stronghold appears shaky this time.

The issue is about ethics, policy, social conduct, truth versus lies, and victory versus defeat. It’s ironic that if parties like Congress win states like Karnataka, Telangana, and Himachal Pradesh, exit polls and the electoral system are deemed fair. But if results favor BJP or its allies, the same entities are accused of dishonesty. Many opposition leaders are out on bail for corruption, yet shamelessly accuse honest individuals and parties. This gives rise to the popular saying, “Thieves and their audacity.” However, this will no longer be tolerated. Neither theft nor audacity will prevail.

This is a new India with new zeal, and a new chapter in history. It holds a new world record in development. The government, led by BJP’s Narendra Bhai Modi and its allies, is endorsed by exit polls predicting Modi’s return. There’s no comparison between Narendra Modi and any other leader, including Congress’s Rahul Gandhi. In my opinion, Narendra Bhai Modi is an unparalleled leader globally. The American agency “Morning Star” has named him the most popular leader in the world for three consecutive times.

Recently, in Parliament, PM Modi described Congress with a sarcastic couplet: “The ground is slipping under Congress’s feet, yet they remain in disbelief.” Hence, BJP leaders call Congress and its leaders arrogant, full of pride and delusion. This alliance is seen as intoxicated with arrogance.

A Chief Minister accused in a liquor scandal goes to jail. He receives a 21-day interim bail by the grace of a judge. When he was supposed to surrender, he returned to jail as if he had done something significant for the welfare of Bharat. There couldn’t be a greater example of audacity and shamelessness. The lies and arrogance of that person are apparent. The same arrogance and pride were seen in Rahul Gandhi the day before when he dismissed the media by naming a singer when asked to explain the figure of 295.

Regarding the media, why would any media house tarnish its reputation for a political party? Political parties come and go, but media houses serve the public. In the political fray, the media should remain neutral. Minor biases in news coverage are one thing, but lifting or bringing down political parties is not the media’s job. Whoever tries will face consequences.

No Matter What Anyone Says, In the 18th Lok Sabha Election, Modi’s Victory is Inevitable!

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