Everest climbers help people to cross Kulagar rivulet in Pithoragarh district

BD Kasniyal
GG News Bureau
Pithoragarh, 14th July. Everest climbers, Yogesh Garbiyal and Sheetal are helping people to cross Kulagar rivulet , situated near Tawaghat bridge linking to three high altitude valleys of Darma, Vyas and Chaudans , the temporary bridge built on the river by BRO was washed away during heavy, sources said in Dharchula.

“We have permitted the mountaineers team under banner of Climbers beyond summit (Climbers beyond the Summits) NGO, to help the villagers who want to cross the rivulet in absence of a bridge as the bridge over there has been washed away 6 days ago,” said RK Shukla, SDM Dharchula.
According to and co-founder of the NGO, Yogesh Garbiyal, who climbed Mt Everest successfully in 2015 their 9 trained mountaineers are working on the spot to help people cross the swollen rivulet. “We have started working on the assignment from July 12 and till date helped over 1000 people including women and Minor children from all three valleys to cross the rivulet so that they can reach their destinations,” said Yogesh Garbiyal.
According to the SDM the BRO is soon to construct a Bailey bridge at the place to link the three disconnected valleys. “The material for the bridge construction has reached the spot and the Bailey will be constructed in next 5 or 6 days, weather permitting .”said the SDM.

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