Cyber Incidents in India Almost Double the Global Average


GG News Bureau

Bengaluru, 19th Nov. The number of cyber incidents in India is nearly double the global average, said National Cybersecurity Coordinator MU Nair on Sunday.

During a session on Aligning Technologies to Future Conflicts at the Synergia Conclave 2023, Nair said that ransomware attack payments have reached approximately $1.54 billion on average over the past 10 months, which is a significant increase compared to 2022.

However, these payments only represent a fraction of the total cyber incidents, as many go unreported.

Nair stated that India has experienced an average of 2,127 cyber incidents in the past six months, significantly higher than the global average of 1,108.

Nair emphasized the need for countries to unite in order to contain and limit disruptive practices in cyberspace.

He mentioned that numerous initiatives are underway at the UN and regional forums, where nations are seeking solutions to address cybersecurity challenges that transcend national boundaries.

Nair highlighted the efforts of international initiatives, such as the UN Group of Governmental Experts (UN GGE), which was appointed by the United Nations General Assembly to advance responsible state behavior in cyberspace.

In 2021, the UN GGE adopted a report that significantly contributes to the development of international cybersecurity.

The key recommendations from the UN GGE include the establishment of international norms and principles, the promotion of international cooperation, and the enhancement of national cybersecurity capabilities.

Furthermore, an ad hoc committee is collaborating on a comprehensive international convention to combat the criminal use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies).

Overall, the increasing number of cyber incidents in India highlights the urgency for global collaboration and the development of effective strategies to address cybersecurity challenges.

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