CPI(M) Wing Opposes Delisting of Tribals in Tripura


GG News Bureau
Agartala, 28th Nov. 
Ganmukti Parishad (GMP), the tribal wing of the CPI(M) in Tripura, strongly opposes the proposed rally by the RSS-backed organization Janajati Suraksha Manch. The rally, scheduled for December 25, aims to withdraw benefits enjoyed by Scheduled Tribe (ST) people who have converted to Christianity.

GMP state president Naresh Jamatia, speaking at a press conference, described the rally’s agenda as a communal appeal. He emphasized that reservation is not based on religion and warned that withdrawing the benefits would be a detrimental move.

Jamatia highlighted that GMP had fought against the outlawed National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) in the 90s, which had banned Durga puja and Laxmi puja celebrations in the tribal belt of the state. He affirmed that the organization will continue to uphold secular values.

Regarding Manipur, Jamatia expressed concern about the ongoing communal strife in the neighboring state, which has been affecting the people for over six months.

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