CORONA CRISIS: All Together With India

::GGN Exclusive from Italy::

*Dottoress. Maffi

 Our world is a changing place; it is constantly developing new characteristics in culture, visual aspects and history. As it changes, many views are lost and may never be found again.  Freedoms and rights are being tested, and sometimes lost.  The world as we know is changing rapidly for the worse because – hate and violence are on a social high as people are inflicting attacks on each other fuelled by hate, groups of people are being discriminated against and people are being labelled for what they are, not who they are.


Hearing about an attack on a group of people or their place of dwelling are common event and are rarely shocking anymore.  These attacks appear on many levels and in many forms. These can then escalate to large scale attacks, rampages, killing sprees and wars.


Labelling is a horrible thing.  A person is being labelled over a virus that is ripping the lives of multitudes.  Labelling divides people.  Everyone is equal, yet different.  India is dying right now, with the second wave of Covid-19, hospitals are full, vaccines are out and there is an oxygen shortage.


However humanity is still alive as America sends vaccine raw materials, Australia supplies ventilators, Russia sending viral drug, UAE supplying oxygen containers, UK sending medical equipments, Italy aids and many other countries lend their helping hand is a timely support and India is greatly indebted.


As a vast majority battle the Covid-19 in hospitals there are multitudes who battle loneliness, numbness, stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, palpitations, difficulties sleeping…This worsening mental health conditions especially with students are equally grave and deadly. Under these circumstances it is vital for one to take care of one-selves and their loved ones and progress at a pace (even if it is dawdling).  It is very healthy to express you (deepest) feelings and ask for help…


“Only those who care about you can hear you when you are quiet…” Being miles away, I am handicapped to lend a helping hand but what I can lend is my ears…I can also spare some time to teach students with English and Law!


Speak your mind and fight mental health!

Love, healing and prayers to my people and to my land



*Dottoressa.Maffi, Advocate, holds a degree in law from London, a Legum Magister in Legal Practice from the City University, UK, A Master of Arts in Human Rights, a Legum Magister from United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Italy and a Certificate in Migration and its link to Peace, Security, and Sustainable Development Agenda from University for Peace, Costa Rica

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