Congress to Kickstart Lok Sabha Poll Campaign Next Week


GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 2nd March. 
The Congress party gears up to kickstart its campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections next week, unveiling a multi-pronged approach aimed at resonating with diverse demographics, party sources revealed on Friday.

With an eye on countering the BJP’s centralized media efforts, Congress plans to deploy localized campaigns at micro levels, marking a strategic shift in its media strategy.

Innovative initiatives in the party’s media outreach include partnering with two prominent companies for publicity materials and hoardings, signaling a proactive stance towards leveraging modern communication channels. Notably, Congress intends to roll out hoardings pledging legal assurance for Minimum Support Price (MSP) for farmers, aligning with its commitment to agrarian welfare.

Building on its promise made during the farmers’ ‘Delhi Chalo’ March, Congress emphasizes the importance of securing MSP through legislative measures, positioning itself as a champion of farmer rights. The party’s manifesto, crafted with a focus on farmers and youth, will echo Rahul Gandhi’s rallying cry of ‘Jitni Abadi, utna haq’ (As much population, as much right).

In a bid to address socio-economic disparities and foster inclusive governance, Congress vows to conduct a nationwide caste census if elected to power, asserting that such data would inform policy-making tailored to diverse communities.

The party’s manifesto committee is slated to convene on March 4 to finalize its electoral agenda, paving the way for a comprehensive vision that addresses key concerns of the electorate.

With Lok Sabha polls anticipated to occur in April-May, the political landscape braces for heightened competition, notably with the emergence of the INDIA bloc, a coalition of 28 parties poised to challenge the ruling BJP.

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