Congress & AAP Party Spreading False Canard to Mislead Public in Corona Pandemic is Horrendous: Dr Vijay Jolly

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 19th May. Dr Vijay, Jolly the senior BJP leader, Delhi, lambasted Congress and Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, for spreading rumours and create panic among the people. In his letter, Dr Vijay Jolly expressed his displeasure at the false tirade run by CM Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and termed it horrendous.
Dr Vijay Jolly said that the CM Delhi has already created a lot of panic through his baseless statements about the shortage of beds in hospitals to shortage of oxygen in the state for a long time and now he has come out with new drama by appealing to the Central Government to cancel the Singapore flight and save the country from the new covid strain there, which is being claimed to be more dangerous for children. Kejriwal was exposed his claim were denied by the Singaporean diplomat in India himself who categorically stated that there was no such strain in Singapore and there is no truth in this. Dr Jolly said that that 17.5 Crore Indians have been injected with Covid Vaccines.78.5 Lakh vaccines have been gifted to 7 neighbouring nations and 5.5 Crore vaccines were exported by manufacturing companies as per their prior business contracts.
Dr Jolly said that the vaccination drive was going on smoothly and there is no shortage of vaccine but the Congress and CM Kejriwal have previously spread false panic by terming the vaccine as “Modi Injections” and are now spreading rumours by pasting False Posters. He complimented Delhi Police for Strictly Enforcing Covid-19 Restrictions. Come what India will certainly defeat the Covid-19 virus said, Jolly.

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