Commercialisation of Education and Healthcare Never in Interest of Society: VP Dhankhar


GG News Bureau

Jobner, 16th Sept. Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar has stated that commercialisation of education and health care can never be in the best interests of society.

He expressed hope that with the implementation of the new National Education Policy, the existing scenario would change.

On Thursday, Dhankhar addressed the 11th foundation day event of Sri Karan Narendra Agriculture University in Jobner.

He said that earlier in India, education and health were not considered business but now the situation has changed. He stressed that commercialisation of education and health can never be in the interest of society.

In this context, the vice president said the National Education Policy, prepared after extensive brainstorming, will bring about a change in the situation.

The vice president said that today India’s voice is being heard all over the world. There was a time when the country barely had foreign currency reserves for 15 days of imports, but today the reserves are above USD 600 billion.

According to an official statement, Dhankhar said that 10 years ago India was counted among the five weakest economies of the world and today it is one of the five largest economies.


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