China amends it two-child population control policy: Now permits birth of three children

GG News Bureau
New Delhi,1st June. China’s communist party in its latest move to reverse declining birthrates and avert a population crisis has amended its old two-child policy and has approved the three-child policy.
Chinese government said that it would allow birth of three children to all married couples and with this, it has ended its two-child policy which has failed to raise the country’s declining birthrates and avert a demographic crisis.
The shrinking labour pool ageing which was threatening the industrial strategy used for decades by China to emerge from poverty and emerge as major power were some of the reasons in its change in policy. However many experts are sceptical that the policy will work
The anxiety over the rising cost of supporting ageing parents and the increase in the cost of education along with lack of daycare facilities are the main hindrance in whether the policy will work or not. made worse by the lack of daycare and the pervasive culture of long work hours. The party has said that it would provide maternity leave to make it easier for couples to have more children but the details for such a policy are still awaited.

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