Bullion Trader Missing in Greater Noida, Car Found Abandoned


GG News Bureau
Noida, 12th Feb. 
A bullion trader identified as Mohit Verma has gone missing from Greater Noida, with his car discovered abandoned on a road within the city. Verma, a resident of Dadha village, reportedly left home on Saturday morning, intending to travel to Delhi, but failed to return by nightfall.

According to relatives, Verma was in possession of ₹10 lakh in cash and some molten gold when he departed for Delhi.

Concerns escalated when Verma’s phone went unanswered around 2 pm on Saturday, prompting his family to initiate a search. The discovery of his abandoned car in Omicron 3 sector further deepened apprehensions, with one of Verma’s shoes found inside the vehicle and another outside.

A police spokesperson confirmed that Verma’s car was located in the Surajpur police station area and stated, “On the basis of the complaint by his relatives, a missing person’s case has been lodged and investigation launched in the case.”

Electronic surveillance methods, including the scrutiny of CCTV footage from the vicinity, are being employed by authorities to ascertain Verma’s whereabouts.

The circumstances surrounding Mohit Verma’s disappearance have sparked concerns among his family and local authorities alike, with efforts underway to locate him and ensure his safety.

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