BJP’s Harsh Mahajan Clinches Victory in Himachal Pradesh’s Lone Rajya Sabha Seat Amid Political Drama


GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 28th Feb.
 In a nail-biting turn of events, BJP candidate Harsh Mahajan emerged victorious on Tuesday, securing the solitary Rajya Sabha seat from Himachal Pradesh. The victory unfolded amidst heightened suspense surrounding the election outcome, leaving political observers on the edge of their seats.

“I congratulate PM Modi because here, in Himachal Pradesh, where we are not in power, the BJP has won one Rajya Sabha seat, and the credit goes to JP Nadda and Amit Shah,” declared Jairam Thakur, Leader of the Opposition in Himachal Pradesh, expressing appreciation for the strategic efforts of key party leaders.

The polling for the lone Rajya Sabha seat commenced at 9 am on Tuesday and concluded with Congress MLA Sudershan Babloo from Chintpurni casting the final vote. The brisk polling process saw all 68 members actively participating, with Independent MLA Ashish from Hamipur securing the distinction of being the first to cast his vote.

Adding a touch of drama to the proceedings, Congress MLA Babloo was transported to the Assembly via helicopter due to health concerns, highlighting the significance of each vote in the closely contested election.

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, after casting his vote, asserted that the MLAs had voted in alignment with the party’s ideology. “We have 40 MLAs in the Vidhan Sabha, and unless MLAs are bought off, we will get all the votes,” he emphasized, dismissing allegations of external influence.

Leader of the Opposition Jai Ram Thakur underscored the democratic right of MLAs to vote independently, emphasizing the importance of a fair electoral process. “We have fielded the candidate gauging the situation and hope that all MLAs would exercise their conscious vote,” he added, shedding light on the party’s strategy in the electoral battle.

The electoral clash saw Harsh Mahajan, a three-time Congress MLA and former minister, facing off against Congress candidate Abhishek Manu Singhvi. Mahajan’s defection from the Congress to BJP in September 2022 added an intriguing layer to the political dynamics.

The election was not without its share of controversies, with the BJP lodging a complaint with the chief election commissioner regarding the Congress’ issuance of a three-line whip to its MLAs. Mahajan denounced the whip as unethical, expressing concerns about its impact on the decision-making autonomy of the MLAs.

As the dust settles on this electoral showdown, Harsh Mahajan’s victory is poised to shape the political landscape in Himachal Pradesh, setting the stage for future developments within the state.

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