BJP Launches Fresh Attack at Opposition Over Sanatan Dharma Controversy


GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 12th Sept. The BJP accused the INDIA group on Tuesday of having a hidden agenda to undermine Sanatan Dharma for vote bank politics, questioning opposition leaders’ “silence” amid frequent disparaging remarks by DMK politicians regarding the ancient faith.

In a fresh salvo directed at the opposition, BJP leader and former Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the longer Sonia Gandhi remains silent on the issue, the clearer it will be that opposing Sanatan Dharma is part of the INDIA bloc’s common minimum program.

Prasad seized on a recent comment by a DMK leader that it is the bloc’s agenda to oppose Sanatan Dharma, and said what the Tamil Nadu leader has said is right.

 “The BJP will urge this alliance to come out with a categorical resolution that we completely disassociate ourselves (from DMK’s criticism) and this is not our agenda,” he said at a press conference.

With the DMK linking Sanatan Dharma with the practice of caste discrimination among Hindus to justify its criticism, the BJP leader noted that temples dedicated to revered people from backward castes like Shabir, Kewat and saint Ravidas have been built.  The Sanatan Dharma believes that one irrespective of his caste and community background can attain God with their devotion, he claimed.

Lashing back, Prasad stated that while opposition leaders from the DMK to some in parties such as the Rashtriya Janata Dal and Samajwadi Party have been vocal in criticizing Sanatan Dharma and holy books associated with Hinduism, can they muster the courage to criticize other faiths and their holy figures?

Every day, India’s culture and heritage are insulted, he said, adding that the BJP will reach out to villages across the country to address the issue, and he spoke of vikas (progress) and virasat (heritage).

Why this “shameful denigration” of Sanatan, he said, claiming the country will not tolerate insult to it.

He also mentioned the importance given to the Konark Chakra and the old Nalanda University at India’s recent G20 Summit.

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