BJP high command sacrifices Tirath Singh Rawat to gain political leverage against Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal

BD Kasniyal/Ajay Ramola
GG News Bureau
Pithoragarh/Dehradun, 3rd July. Congress party leaders, intellectuals political activists and constitution lovers have expressed great concerns on the way Bhartiya Janata Party is resorting to high command’s decision and is ready to sacrifice Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat who was anointed on 10th March with only one only to stop Mamata Banerjee of west Bengal to enter into assembly and achieve the greater goal of winning the next Lok Sabha elections.
” If BJP would have been interested on the entry of Tirath Singh Rawat in the assembly, it could have issued an ordinance to amend section 151(a) of peoples representation act of 1951,” said Mathura Datt Joshi, chief spokesperson of Uttarakhand Congress Committee.
The whole exercise of replacing the chief minister is being conducted only to make it difficult for Mamata Banerjee entry in assembly through by-election so BJP instead of going through a by-election mode it has preferred sacrificing its CM Tirath Rawat who has served only 111 days as CM with an intention to set a precedent before any By-election in West-Bengal, he added.
Harish Rawat, the face of congress party in 2022 assembly elections expressed his surprise over such inability of BJP towards constitution and law of the land. He quipped that lack of knowledge of constitutional and election rules of the country has led to the sacrifice of two innocent chief ministers of the party.
“Both the Rawats are good persons but forced to play in knowledge less hands of BJP high command,” said Rawat.
The political analysts also believe that the lawful way could have been found if they wanted to continue with Chief Minister Tirath Rawat but the Party was not ready to take a risk of By-polls loss as the reports were of a tight fight with the opposition candidate.
The political experts also believe that till yesterday the BJP was under a denial mode on the by-polls and assured the people that Tirath Singh Rawat would contest and win the elections with huge margin, but the chief minister Tirath Sigh Rawat with himself was skeptical of win in the by polls from both vacant seats of Haldwani and Gangotri, respectively. The anger of the temple priests form Gangotri and Yamnotri and Haldwani being strong hold of Congress left the chief minister undecided which led to BJP resorting to change in the leadership once again.
Tirath Singh Rawat, who was 10th chief minister of the state, who ruled only 114 days has created a history for being the chief minister for the lowest number of days since the creation of the state of Uttarakhand.

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