BJP government shuts down the financial assistance schemes introduced during previous congress rule in Uttarakhand alleges Rajkumar, former MLA from Rajpur

Ajay Ramola
GG News Bureau,
Mussoorie, 16th May. Rajkumar the Former Congress MLA from Rajpur, state president of Scheduled caste cell alleged during a press meeting organised by the Mussoorie Congress unit president Gaurav Agarwal at Mussoorie, that the present BP government has shut down all the financial assistance schemes that were introduced by previous Congress government in Uttarakhand.
Speaking to media persons Rajkumar said that the pension schemes for the traditional instrument players from the scheduled caste, Dagaria pension scheme, Bunkar pension scheme Dai pension scheme for the people belonging to scheduled castes have been closed by the present BJP government.
Rajkumar said that this anti-poor BJP government in the state has also stopped the Janshree Aam Aadmi insurance scheme that was started in 2017 and the financial assistance scheme worth Rs 30,000 on the accidental death of the head of the family in the general category and Rs 70,000 for the head of BPL family. The poor beneficiaries are not able to receive the widow pension, divyang jan pension etc.
The scheduled caste students are also not getting the education scholarship during this Covid-19 pandemic period due to which the colleges are removing their names for their institutions. The social welfare department has also stopped the release of funds for the marriages of the daughters of widowed women resulting in unnecessary harassment. The construction of the community centres for the scheduled caste is also shut and the people with Ayushman cards are finding it difficult to get treatment as most hospitals are not accepting the cards during the Covid pandemic period in the state. Rajkumar said that the government should address all these problems without any delay.
The Congress party local unit president Gaurav Aggarwal speaking during the press meet said that the BJP government has failed on all fronts and people are dying due to the negligence of the BJP led government in the state and Centre as well.
Gaurav Agarwal said that the cabinet minister and Mussoorie MLA from Mussoorie Ganesh apart from semantics has done nothing for the people of the hill town of Mussoorie. After immense pressure from our Party a 25 bed covid centre was opened but that too without any facility for the Covid patients. He alleged that the patients are not given even paracetamol which is being purchased by them from outside the centre. Gaurav Aggarwal said that the major question that needs to be answered why the government or administration was sleeping during the period of the first and second wave of the pandemic and did not prepare itself accordingly. Agarwal said that the non-availability of doctors has turned it into a referral centre where the patients are being referred to Dehradun after their condition turns critical. Gaurav Agarwal alleged that the Municipal board Mussoorie was also not sanitizing various wards and distributing masks that have been procured spending large amount of funds.

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