BJP could go with Deputy minister to balance the regional equation in Uttarakhand

Ajay Ramola

GG News Bureau
Dehradun, 4th July. The Bhartiya Janata Party with an objective to stall the dissent among its MLA’s over the decion of anointed Pushkar Dhmai as chief minister working on a plan to promote one of the La’s to the post of Dputy minister preferably from Garhwal to balance the regional equation in Uttarakhand.
The elevation of Pushkar Dhami to the post of CM after replacing Teerath Sigh Rawat in Uttarakhand has not gone well with several MLa’s in BJP who are contemplating to resign due to this fresh development. The tourism minister Satpal Maharaj, senior BJP leader and minister Bishan Singh Chufal have vented their anger to the BJP state president Madan Kaushik and said that the decision will prove detrimental for the party in forthcoming assembly elections.
Several other senior BJP MLAs are also said to be in opposition of the decision and have aired their dissent at neglecting far more experienced leaders from the party for the post of CM.
BJP acting on these fresh adverse developments has now come up with a strategy to appoint one deputy chief minister from Garhwal. There are several front runners for the post and the nae of Ritu Khanduri figures on the top of the list. BJP could go for Ritu Khanduri BJP MLA from Yamkeshwar as she belongs to Garhwal and is daughter of former chief minister BC Khanduri who is known for his clean image in the state. The reason being cited in favour of Ritu Khanduri a woman and belonging to the Brahman caste which has a strong hold at several MLA segments in the state where it can tilt the result either way during elections. The Brahman community especially the priest community from Chardham is angered at the creation of Devasthanam Board in the state where all the powers have been passed on to the bureaucrats through the act that came into existence during the reign of Trivendra Rawat the former chief minister . Ritu Khanduri fits the bill and would help in bringing back the disgruntled groups back to party fold believe the sources in BJP.
The think tank of BJP feels that with Pushkar Dhami the young electorates from Kumaon could be attracted towards the party while RItu Khanduri would be an asset in bringing the large women and Brahman to its fold. The party will be considering its decision on deputy chief minister only after the swearing I ceremony of Pushkar Dhami as chief mister which is scheduled for 5 PM on Sunday.
The BJP Uttarakhand is in election mode and its all decision from now onward would be revolve around gaining trust of the voters from the diverse cross section of the society. How it will pan out in future and what implication could it have on the others ML’a remain to be seen.
Sunil Dhyani the central spokesperson of Uttarakhand Kranti Dal a regional party in the state extending his greetings to the new chief minister said that BJP has insulted the mandate of the people it got in 2017 by changing chief ministers frequently. He said that it due to lack of farsightedness that the BJP had to change the chief minister within the spell of three months thus showing that it is grossly insensitive to the aspiration of the people. Dhyani said through this move the BJP has pushed the state in the corridors of uncertainty and people will ever forgive it despite all it efforts to lure them through the cosmetic means of appointed Deputy chief minister.
Dhyan said that this development has also exposed the infighting among in the BJP and the time has come when all the forces who are fighting to preserve the identity of the state should unite to fight BJP and its allies.

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