Bharatiya Shakti Chetna Party Extends Support to BJP Candidates in Allahabad


GG News Bureau
Prayagraj, 29th April.
 Ajay Awasthi, the National Secretary of the Bharatiya Shakti Chetna Party, along with Anil Rajbhar, a Cabinet Minister in the Uttar Pradesh government, and Praveen Patel, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Phulpur Lok Sabha constituency, convened a joint press conference in Allahabad on April 27.

During the press conference, Ajay Awasthi announced the support of Praveen Patel, the BJP candidate contesting from Phulpur Lok Sabha, and Neeraj Tripathi, the candidate from Prayagraj Lok Sabha seat. This move underscores a strategic alignment between the Bharatiya Shakti Chetna Party and the BJP ahead of the upcoming elections.

The declaration of support from Awasthi, a prominent figure within the Bharatiya Shakti Chetna Party, carries significant weight and is expected to bolster the electoral prospects of the supported BJP candidates in Allahabad and surrounding areas.


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