‘Bharat’ Not A National But Civilization Country Which Can’t Be Destroyed

Exploring the Unbreakable Bond Between Hindu Dharma and Sikkhi: An eye-opening Talk held at the Centre for Hindu Studies, Delhi University


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New Delhi, March 4, 2024 – 
The Centre for Hindu Studies, University of Delhi organised a talk on the topic “Hindu Dharma tatha Sikkhi ka atoot rhishta” or “The Inseparable Relationship between Hindu Dharma and Sikh Dharma” on March 4th, 2024.
This event was a remarkable endeavour to unravel the profound ties between Hindu Dharma and Sikh Dharma, two pillars of Bharat’s spiritual heritage.

Renowned scholar, Professor Jagbir Singh, Chancellor of Central University of Punjab, graced the occasion as the keynote speaker. With profound erudition, he illuminated the intricate connections and shared values between Hindu Dharma and Sikkhi and their connection to Sanatan, captivating the audience with his insightful discourse. He talked about why Hindus and Sikhs share an unbreakable bond.

He also shed light on the Colonial strategy of Divide and Rule to understand the whole conflict of separate identity creation.

He said, “Forgetting History won’t destroy our past…we have to remove and revisit what has happened”.

Talking about the brutal and politically driven history, he related the present scenario to that and said no one can separate Hindu and Sikh as they both are part of Sanatan Dharma. Both embrace each other. The Postmodernist thinking of rejecting meta-narrative won’t work as courses like Hindu studies will offer the study of Dharma and Darshana as an academic discipline which has not been done in the last 75 years.

He also said how we are inclusive and talk about universal welfare. He said Sanatan Dharma is a worldview and view of life which believes in realising reality and not following imagination. He ended the speech with motivational lines about the meditative vision and wisdom we had and will always embrace. The audience gave him a standing ovation.

Accompanying Prof. Singh, esteemed scholar Prof. N.K. Kakkar also shared his views on the topic.

Dr. Prerna Malhotra, Joint Director, and the Convener of the Programme summed up many points and proposed the vote of thanks.

The programme was attended by Prof. Om Nath Bimali, Director of, Centre for Hindu Studies, Prof. Ravi Ravindra, Dean, Culture, University of Delhi and many professors from Departments and colleges of the University of Delhi.

The session was extremely enriching and it enforced a nuanced understanding of the enduring bond between these two venerable traditions of Bharat. It also burst the myth of considering Sikh Dharma as an independent entity, having no roots in the Vedic tradition of Hindu Dharma.

The talk served as a testament to the rich spiritual tapestry of India and the timeless wisdom embodied in Hindu Dharma and Sikh Dharma.The event attracted a diverse audience comprising scholars, students, and enthusiasts eager to engage in meaningful dialogue. Prof. Jagbir Singh patiently answered all the doubts of the audience.

Such endeavours reaffirm the Centre for Hindu Studies’ commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering dialogue on the multifaceted dimensions of Hindu Dharma and its synergies with other spiritual paths.

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