Barber Sajid Murders Two Children in Budaun; Shot Dead in Police Encounter

GG News Bureau
Budaun, 20th March.
 A horrifying incident unfolded in Uttar Pradesh’s Budaun when a barber, identified as Sajid, allegedly entered the house of a man residing across the street from his shop and brutally murdered two children.

The victims, Aayush (11) and Ahaan (6), were fatally attacked by the assailant, who also inflicted injuries on another child, Piyush (7), before fleeing the scene.

According to police reports, the perpetrator, Sajid, acquainted with the victims’ father, Vinod, entered their residence in Baba Colony under the pretext of borrowing ₹5,000. Upon the mother’s departure to prepare tea, Sajid proceeded to the second floor where he launched a vicious assault on the unsuspecting children. Aayush and Ahaan succumbed to their injuries, while Piyush managed to escape with minor wounds.

Swift police action led to the apprehension of Sajid in the vicinity. However, he attempted to assault the officers and was subsequently shot dead in an encounter.

The motive behind the gruesome murders remains unclear, leaving the community shocked and bewildered. Vinod, the bereaved father, expressed disbelief over the tragic incident, asserting that he had no prior altercation with the assailant. His account, corroborated by eyewitnesses, paints a harrowing picture of the senseless violence that shattered their peaceful neighborhood.

Budaun District Magistrate Manoj Kumar acknowledged the unrest sparked by the incident but urged the public to maintain calm. He assured that the authorities are actively investigating the matter, with the bodies of the deceased children undergoing post-mortem examinations.

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