Balochistan minister cites logistics issues for delay in poll results


Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau
 Balochistan province caretaker Information Minister Jan Achakzai on Monday has said results of Pakistan general elections have been delayed due to logistical issue.

Many political parties have decried delay in the outcome of polls.

Achakzai was addressing media persons in Quetta, said “When it’s freezing cold in some areas, it’s natural that results will be delayed because of logistical issues.

“Even the election commission has said this,” Dawn reported quoted Achakzai as saying.

The reports said that PTI rules out alliance with PML(N), PPP to join hands with another party

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has said it is better to sit in opposition then to join hands with the as it ruled out alliance with PPP and PML(N) to form government.

PTI chief Gohar Ali Khan said in the media that the party does not feel comfortable with both of them (PPP and PML-N), and it is better to sit in the opposition than to make a government with them.

The party will be joining hands with another party to claim the reserved seats as lacking them will deal a severe blow to its chances in form the Government in National and provincial assemblies.

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