Baba Ramdev: Kumbh Mela Covid test scam nothing less than medical tourism

GG News Bureau
Haridwar, 21st June. Baba Ramdev, the Celebrated Yoga guru, and founder of Patanjali Ayurveda Institute at Haridwar once again was once again up against the modern medicine fraternity. Baba Ramdev agitated at the Covid test scam following the Kumbh debacle termed it as nothing less than medical terrorism. The Yoga Guru demanded strict action against the culprits terming the covid fraud at Kumbh Mela as medical terrorism. He said that whoever is at fault should not be spared. Ramdev said the people involved in fake negative reports have brought shame to humanity. And they should be brought to justice and prosecuted criminally. He said that when he called playing with the lives of the common people as medical terrorism and anarchy, some asked questions but with this new development the perpetrators of the alleged covid probe fraud in Kumbh should be severely punished.

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