Baba Ramdev has gone overboard with his remarks: Dr Mahesh Kuriyal member IMA.

Ajay Ramola
GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 30th May .
The row between the Indian medical association (IMA) and the Yoga guru Baba Ramdev who runs a business empire on alternative medicine by the name Patanjali institute refuses to die down with both literally up in arms against each other and sticking to their claims and counterclaims and have come out with the statement that is hurting the sentiments on both sides.
Baba Ramdev’s claims that the doctors practising allopathy medicines are prejudiced against his success and are trying to tarnish the image of the Ayurvedic medicine system. However, the doctor practising the modern medicine refute the claims of Baba Ramdev and are of the view that the people are going for allopathy because they feel it is better than any other medicinal practices prevalent in the country.

The row between the Indian medical association (IMA) and the Yoga guru Baba Ramdev who runs a business empire on alternative medicine
Dr Mahesh Kuriyal the Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon at CMI Dehradun and member of the Indian medical association is of the view that one can only laugh at Baba Ramdev’s claims that more than 1000 doctors have died due to Covid 19 virus therefore it is depraved. Dr Mahesh Kuriyal said that Baba Ramdev to promote his products is making such erroneous claims and is lying blatantly. He has lost his mind and should go for some mental treatment. One can gauge from the haughty demeanour of Baba Ramdev that due to his own failures he is now trying to shift the blame on Allopathy.
Allopathy and Ayurveda both are in the market and it’s due to better efficacy people opt for allopathic treatment believe that it will cure them,” said Dr Kuriyal.
“We do not go out and invite people to come and get treated through allopathy, they come to us as per their choice and abusing the science that goes through a long drawn scientific process before coming to any conclusion will not help anyone, said Dr Mahesh Kuriyal.
Speaking the Yoga and another traditional medicine system he categorically Dr Kuriyal said that we are not against any such practices but what we are saying that any such practices we should have a scientific basis.
We respect Ayurveda as it has a lot of possibilities in n preventive medicine and many companies are doing their work silently for the past several decades and no member of modern medicine has uttered a single word against it. We only want to expose the lies being churned out continuously by Baba Ramdev, said Dr Kuriyal.
When we question Baba Ramdev’s false claims that he has made medicine that helps to produce sons we are attacked. If any doctor would have made such claims he would be Behind bars, said Dr Kuriyal.
The other members of the fraternity to feel that allopathic doctors have been serving the population during the pandemic by endangering their lives and working to vaccinate all but Baba Ramdev through his tirade is doing a disservice to the nation by creating doubts in the minds of people and demoralizing people. Baba Ramdev should not harm the science that is working for the betterment of society, said the members of the modern medicine fraternity.
The MBBS doctors go through an arduous process before getting their medical degree and we want similar systems I place for any other medical practices.
When asked about the lack of standardization and uniformity in the Allopathic treatment Dr Mahesh Kuriyal said that the fraternity is continuously working towards it but the modern medicinal system is an evolving science and is never static.
A medicine works effectively for one individual, but it could have less effect on another individual, so the doctors must weigh all the possibilities to ensure that the best cure is given said Dr Kuriyal.
Speaking on the issue of overcharging by certain hospitals Dr Mahesh Kuriyal said that the black sheep are present in every profession and it up to the government to act against such entities.
On the issue of highly-priced medicines, he said that is not controlled by doctors but by the government which has the right to lower down the price at any given moment.
The other Ayurvedic practitioners are also hurt by the present row between IMA and Baba Ramdev and feel that Baba Ramdev’s remarks questioning the integrity & efficacy of modern medicine are not acceptable.
No system of medicine can be perfect or complete by itself said Dr RK Mamgain MD Ayurveda, professor, and consultant at Swami Ram Himalayan institute Hospital at Doiwala in Dehradun.
“I personally condemn it and hope Baba Ramdev will work towards promoting Yoga and Ayurveda with more maturity and good spirit in the future”.
At the same time, his contribution in the field of Yoga and Ayurveda for popularizing it nationally or globally is appreciable. Modern medicine has achieved great success in treating diseases by constant research over time, but it also doesn’t mean that for everything there is a better remedy in it.
Ayurveda, the most ancient medical system, has its own strength which is lacking in western medicine. There are certain weaknesses also and with time, some of its medicines may become obsolete or not possible to practice in the present era. We all need to be honest about our system with acceptance of its strengths and weaknesses. This is not for satisfying our false egos but rather, all medical systems exist for the betterment of mankind and to relieve their sufferings.
Health experts working for the nation’s health need to identify the areas of their weaknesses and the practitioners of different systems of medicine also need to understand and realise their potential, capacities, and realities within their boundaries. These systems can never replace each other but certainly can complement and synergize each other. It is our country’s biggest problem that the people who have no expertise in the field are the spokesperson and advisors of that field. This, you can find everywhere in our functional set-up from the highest organisation level of the country to the service provider agency at the base level.
Dr Mamgai said that, Unlike Physics or Chemistry, medicine is not pure science. Medicine is more of applied science where principles of pure science are adapted and applied based on changing the human constitution, natural or man-made resources and ever-evolving research. Scientific truths are not true all the times. Today’s truth maybe tomorrow’s folly while some of the principles of life and healthcare described in Ayurveda are sempiternal. The medical fraternity needs to accept the scientific and validated contribution of all systems. This is the time not to criticize each other but rather use the support of all medical systems to help and heal our citizens urged Dr RK Mamgain.

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