Allahabad HC Upholds Right of Interfaith Couples to Marry Without Conversion

GG News Bureau
Prayagraj, 31st May. 
The Allahabad High Court has delivered a significant judgment for interfaith couples in India. The court observed that the Special Marriage Act (SMA) permits couples of different faiths to marry without religious conversion.

This ruling came about during a case involving a live-in couple facing threats due to their interfaith relationship. Justice Jyotsna Sharma provided protection to the couple while clarifying the legal path for their marriage.

The state argued against the couple’s claim of marriage by agreement, as such unions lack legal recognition.  Justice Sharma dismissed this argument, emphasizing that while such agreements are invalid, the Special Marriage Act offers a valid alternative.

“The law does not prevent the parties from applying for court marriage under the Special Marriage Committee without conversion,” the court order stated.

The couple expressed their desire to marry under the SMA without converting and sought protection to register their union. The court acknowledged their stance, noting their commitment to their respective religions and their decision to marry legally.

The court’s order directed the couple to register their marriage under the Special Marriage Act and submit documentary proof. Additionally, they received protection from the court and the next hearing is set for July 10th.

This judgment reinforces the Special Marriage Act’s role in facilitating legal marriages between individuals of different faiths. The Act promotes a society where love transcends religious barriers and interfaith couples can have their unions legally recognized throughout India.

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