Akhilesh Yadav Hails UP Police Exam Cancellation as Victory for Youth


GG News Bureau
Lucknow, 24th Feb. 
Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav lauded the Uttar Pradesh government’s decision to cancel the Police Constable Recruitment Exam 2024 in the state, describing it as a win for the youth and a setback for alleged malpractices under the BJP administration.

Addressing reporters in Bahraich, Yadav criticized the government’s employment policies, stating, “The State government has no intentions of providing employment.” He emphasized that stricter measures could have prevented incidents of paper leaks, suggesting a lack of accountability on the government’s part.

In a social media post, the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister accused the BJP of collusion with criminals involved in the paper leak, attributing the cancellation of the exam to the imminent Lok Sabha elections. He asserted that the youth had seen through the BJP’s tactics and were determined to hold the party accountable.

Yadav demanded the reimbursement of examination fees collected by the Uttar Pradesh government, cautioning against their potential misappropriation for election purposes. He advocated for the adoption of online digital payment methods for future examination fees.

The cancellation of the police constable recruitment exam followed ongoing protests against alleged question paper leaks. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced the decision, vowing to conduct a re-examination within six months and promising strict action against those found guilty of malpractice.

Chief Minister Adityanath reiterated the government’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of examinations and warned of severe consequences for those undermining the hard work of aspiring candidates.

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