AI helps treat critical patients says experts


Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau
NEW YORK, 1st Dec.
 According to medical experts on Thursday have said that Artificial Intelligence will now help in provisional diagnosis to save the precious time of the patient and help speed up recovery.

Prof Avinash Agrawal HoD critical care medicine was speaking at the 7th Foundation Day function of the department of critical care medicine at the King George’s Medical University said “This will be done by feeding data of previous diagnosis in computer. The data will be analysed and matched with the condition of the admitted patient. The development in treatment via AI will go ahead gradually but in next five-years it will come as a major support to ICU staff”.

Experts pointed out that since the trained and skilled staff hard to find for ICU care, use of AI may help in management of serious patients.

Dr BK Rao of the critical care department at Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi said that details of the patient are uploaded in the software and the nursing staff make use of the AI-based suggestions.

“Since majority of the diagnosis of critical patients are done inside the ICU only, hence the AI tool can help a lot in guiding the nursing staff,” he added.

Prof Haider Abbas, HoD emergency medicine at the KGMU, said that “Since prolonged ICU stay increases risk of infections, there are medicines that are administered in a controlled manner. Here AI can help.”

He said, “AI tool does not work on its own. But based upon patient’s data fed by medical staff, AI delivers the response upon treatment to be adopted immediately.”

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