A Highly endangered Indian Egg water snake found in Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand

BD Kasniyal
GG News Bureau

Pithoragarh, 12th June. A rare and highly endangered species of Indian egg water snake has been spotted in the Kala Hath range of Corbett tiger reserve after 40 years recently, said Corbett officials.
“The snake is both rare and endangered it has been registered in the threatened species list of the international union of conversation of nature (IUCN), it has become possible from a long time in the area, “said Rahul, an official with Corbett tiger reserve.
According to Rahul, after the spotting of the snake, the tiger reserve officials have started mapping its habitat and are working towards ways to preserve it further.
According to the forest department officials, the snake found here was half meter long with orange stripes on the brown coloured back. This species prefers living on trees and eats eggs of the bird species as is of nocturnal nature.
The environmentalists are delighted at this development and said that it shows that the habitat was recovering, and the Corbett reserve is once again becoming the safe haven for the species such as the Indian Egg water snake.
However, the environmental experts were of the view that both Corbett and Rajaji Tiger Reserves in Uttarakhand can become a safe place for the various wild species but an acute shortage of frontline staff like forest guards and rangers who are considered crucial to wildlife conservation and management is a major hindrance as mapping of such species requires constant monitoring which requires large manpower and of course financial resources.

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